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Are you regularly stressed over money issues? So was I. I’m a mother of 7 who knows first-hand how frustrating finances can be. Let me show you how you can improve the money situation in any field of work and enjoy MORE quality time with your loved ones.

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Hi, I’m Leslie Householder, life success coach, wife and mother of seven children. For nearly a decade, my husband and I attended self-help and personal development seminars AND read all kinds of self-help books, trying to dig ourselves out of a very deep and discouraging financial hole. We prayed for prosperity and tried to do the things we felt God wanted us to do. We spent grocery money to go to seminars and put ourselves in debt in the process… justified because it was an investment in ourselves, and in our education. However, I became so depressed and angry because all I wanted was to be able to stay home with the children, and to be able to keep our financial promises on time… but even after all we invested in our learning, nothing really changed. I began to wonder if God even cared.

Have you ever felt frustrated and desperate for relief?

Maybe you’ve never been this frustrated before, but I was so on edge about our financial hardships that I actually called the cops on the neighbor kid who broke my broom. I didn’t have the lousy seven bucks to replace it, and that setback was the final straw.

I felt no other choice than to escape “reality”

I was a wreck. I finally just went to bed and decided that I didn’t care if I ever got up. The kids would just have to find their own food and look after themselves, because I couldn’t go on any longer. If I couldn’t find the freedom from stress that I needed, I’d just close my eyes and pretend I already had it. That’s the only place I could feel relief, and if that’s where I’d have to do it, so be it. I remember thinking, “Oh, you are so pathetic, Leslie!”

If you accidentally stumble onto ONE of the rules, like I did, without knowing what you’ve done, the success or perceived prosperity is temporary.

Little did I know that what I did that day was actually the beginning of my new life… it actually started us on a new self help path to prosperity. I had applied ONE of the laws without even knowing it. Within the year we were able to buy our first home and have a stable job with insurance. But since I didn’t realize what I had done, or how our good fortune had come about, we fell into the same thinking patterns as before and ended up just as strapped as before, except this time with a bigger nut to crack each month. The stress was still there. We continued to attend personal development seminars for another three years in our search for wealth, but once again I came to the end of my rope. I told my husband, “This is the last seminar I’ll ever go to; after that, I’m just going to have to learn to be happy with the way life is, even in all it’s misery.” Fortunately for me, that was the seminar which finally explained how the laws of success really work and launched us into the more prosperous life of our dreams.

After nearly ten years, we finally started to “think right” …and tripled our income in just a few months

Unlike many of the other seminars we had attended, there was no hype, nothing “rah-rah” about this one. It was just a simple presentation on how the Universe really operates, and the Laws of Thought which govern the degree to which a person will enjoy wealth or prosperity. My husband and I just looked at each other with our mouths gaping open, and I remember saying, “THAT’S all it is??” We tested the principles we had learned and everything turned around dramatically; within 3 months our monthly income tripled.

BEFORE living by the 19 Rules of Prosperity

Where I called the police on the kid who broke my broom because I didn’t have $7 to replace it.


AFTER consciously and persistently living by the 19 Rules of Prosperity

One of my first primary goals was to create a “FAMILY MAGNET.”  Since then, we have continually pursued more important but less tangible goals.


An AWARENESS of the rules of prosperity is what I needed to finally begin consciously co-creating the life I always hoped for

Our problem all those years was that we didn’t know there were any rules, or laws, governing prosperity or the process of making money. We didn’t know they existed, but even more critically, we didn’t know we were breaking them! The real reason for our failure to make money in a big way became absolutely apparent, and we realized that no matter how hard we prayed for abundance, so long as we broke the rules, God couldn’t (wouldn’t) send us the money we really needed. The moment we started to choose our thoughts carefully according to the guidelines, the heavens finally opened for US and better circumstances began to come our way…by law!

Have you ever been so frustrated that you said, “I just don’t know what to think!?”

There’s a reason we instinctively ask ourselves that question when we are in a tight spot. Something inside of us knows that if we could only know how we’re supposed to think in the face of adversity, everything would work out for the best.

There is a “right way” to think

There is a right way to think for every challenge that comes our way. However, that “way to think” is not what comes naturally. Those who achieve prosperity, or true wealth (meaning abundance in all areas of a well-balanced life), have trained themselves to choose their thoughts carefully to be in line with the Universal Laws of right-thinking.

Truly prosperous people have discovered an amazing connection

Truly prosperous people have discovered an amazing connection between their thoughts and the so-called random experiences they experience. They know the truth. They know that it is critical to choose their thoughts carefully, and they also know that as they do, prosperous circumstances that will help them enjoy wealth are literally lining up for them. Keeping their thoughts in the right place allows these circumstances to arrive predictably, and dependably.

The amazing connection is not obvious.

Because the connection between our thoughts and our circumstances is not obvious, most of us think careless, destructive thoughts without even realizing it… and then wonder why life is so hard. It is easy to get excited about a possible leap forward in our progress, and the promise of wealth, but since we can’t see the evidence of circumstances gathering for our benefit, it is easy to let doubt creep into our minds. As a result, the good fortune which had been under orchestration begins to dissipate, and we never realize that the money we needed was nearly ours. There is more significance to the counsel “doubt not, fear not” than we ever realized.

God and the Universe operate in a lawful manner

It is good news to know that the Universe operates in an orderly way, because that means that once you learn the laws, you can know that as you follow them, the good fortune MUST come, by law. Just knowing this gives you the mental stamina to endure the “test period” of your faith.

Are you ready to live an abundant life?

Would you like to get on top of all those bills? Enjoy more time with the kids? How would “prosperity” look for you? Would you like to go someplace fun and create a wealth of family-bonding memories? Bring mother home from work? Retire? Anything you want can be yours… the Universe is abundant and God is able to provide all you need for your complete mental, physical, and spiritual unfolding. Find out how living by the laws of thought works together with your belief in (and commitment to) God.

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(I challenge you to apply theses principles and NOT enjoy increased peace of mind!)


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