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Thank you for your interest in the 19 Rules of Prosperity Audio.

This is a recording of a teleseminar I conducted – not available anywhere else – and I’m excited to share it with you now.

In this 1-hour program, you’ll hear:

  • Why some who know the rules “mess it up”, and why some who don’t know the rules get it right.  I’ll teach you how to know them, AND get it right.
  • How I used the rules to become a bestselling author with all 3 of my books.
  • Why obstacles don’t need to stop you.
  • How a stay-at-home mother of 6 generated $250,000 in 8 months by following the rules.
  • How to use your limited resources to access unlimited resources.
  • How to write and “submit” a goal statement that works.
  • Why the Law of Attraction is so often misunderstood.
  • How we tapped into a $43,000 idea after getting to the end of our visible resources.
  • When it’s safe to imagine the worst case scenario, and when it is NOT.
  • When to “ask” for a person’s help, and when to stop asking.
  • How to find the right people who will help you achieve your goal.
  • How to know if your ideal job or opportunity really exists, and the secret key for how to find it.
  • Why you can get more excited if the goal is not achieved on time.
  • The real secret behind word-of-mouth advertising.

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